April 29, 2017
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Fix It: numerous large potholes on a roadway off of 27th Ave. south of 18th St. that enters into the Glenwood Crossings shopping center. ( Brian Passino )

Potholes plague northside access road


Today’s problem: Karl Atanasoff wrote, “I just saw someone damage their tire. (The) holes are huge and getting worse daily. They filled in (potholes) with white rock last time we talked, which lasted about three days.”

Atanasoff is referring to a roadway just west of 27th Avenue and just south of 18th Street. It runs east-west, past Taco Bell to the north and a vacant lot to the south. It eventually intersects the parking area for the Glenwood Crossings shopping center at a two-way stop. Atanasoff wrote, “I understand potholes are part of every spring but these however have been there for YEARS and are numerous as well as dangerous.”

Observations: Fix It visited the area on March 10 after Atanasoff had first emailed about the potholes in the roadway pavement. Overnight, the potholes had received a temporary fix of white gravel. Atanasoff contacted Fix It again later in April with a complaint that the short term gravel fix had eroded away and the potholes were back in full force.

Fix It: Deteriorating pavement on 89th Street


Roach says that 89th Street, which he calls a main east-west thoroughfare, “is absolutely a disgrace to the City of Kenosha and certainly to my property and to the neighborhood. Falling apart chunks of concrete all over the place. So they’ll come, they’ll put in a hot patch which lasts for a little bit.

“Of course, the snowplow takes care of that when they come through... (It’s) falling apart as we speak. I continue to speak to our alderman. He in turn has spoken to the proper authorities, evidently. Well, no money, not in this year’s budget, blah, blah, blah. You know, the usual stuff.”

Fix It: Heavy rains flood bike trail


Today’s problem: BG wrote about flooding on a section of the north segment of the Kenosha County bike trail. BG wrote, “Haven’t seen anything quite like the currently flooded stretch of paved, north side Kenosha County multi-use path/trail since the paving was done several years ago. I believe at that time draining improvements were done in conjunction with laying down asphalt. However, about 50-75 yards of the path have been under 4-6 inches of water about a quarter mile north of 12th Street (Highway E) for more than a week with no signs of abating.

“The flooding extends to the tree lines on either side of the trail making for a very difficult if not impossible detour on foot, especially for disabled trail users, parents pushing strollers, and only the more intrepid bicyclists will ride through the water, which easily submerses riders’ pedals and shoes.”

Fix It: Traffic sign blocks view of traffic


Today’s problem: Robert Smialek wrote Fix It that, “...Who ever mounted this set of signs did so in serious error.”

Smialek is referring signs, including a “Do Not Enter” sign, on the west side of the intersection of Highway 50 and 104th Avenue. Smialek’s point is that this sign, and another, blocks the view of oncoming traffic if you’re westbound on Highway 50 and making a left turn to go south on 104th Avenue. Smialek wrote, “...Be advised that those are mounted too low too. The MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) and FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) dictates that these signs are to be mounted at a minimum of seven feet from the bottom of the sign to the pavement.”

Fix It: TV dumping ground on Highway ML


Today’s problem: Dumped televisions in a wetland on the south side of the 9100 block of Highway ML (122nd Street ) in Pleasant Prairie. This is just west of Highway H (88th Avenue) and just east of the Canadian Pacific/Amtrak railroad tracks.

Fix It noticed the TVs while bicycling by the area, which is near the Des Plaines River. They’re on the bottom of moderate incline just off the side of ML, in a spot where it would be hard to see them from a vehicle on the road.

Fix It: The other abandoned gas station


Today’s problem: A Fix It article published Feb. 24, took a look at the abandoned gas station at 704 75th St. The story also mentioned the second famous abandonded gas station at 8004 22nd Ave. in the City of Kenosha. This property was written about in detail in a Fix It article originally published on April 1.

At that time readers Dean and Marilyn Jensen wrote Fix It, “For some time now, the vacant gas station/garage at the corner of 22nd Avenue and 80th Street has sat idle. The exterior of the building is in poor condition as is the parking area and blacktop around the entire building. And one can only guess what is happening inside of the building! From the outside it appears that shelves still have items on them and the floor is littered with junk. The inside is deplorable. Who is responsible for this? If it is no longer going to be used for its intended purpose, then it should be removed. Even the gas price signs let you know that it has been vacant, and not in use for quite sometime. It would be so nice to see the area cleaned up, demolish the building/garage and allow that corner to at least look respectable, especially for the neighboring areas.”

Fix It: Gap in sidewalk at Forest Park


Today’s problem: Wayne Hanson wrote about a sidewalk in Forest Park.

Hanson wrote, “The sidewalk that runs through center of Forest Park park has a section cut out. Wheelchairs, strollers, skateboarders and bikes have to navigate this cut out. All other sidewalks around the park are wheelchair accessible.”

Fix It: Alford Park Drive lane markings


Today’s problem: BS wrote, “North- and southbound Alford Park Drive is a series of long curves between the Pike River and Carthage College. Since there are two lanes in each direction, it is e ssential to stay in one or another as its often a very busy roadway.

The best way to do this is to stay within the painted lines, but they are very faint now which makes them almost invisible at night. While there are street lights to help see the road, the almost non-existent lane lines are a real problem. Throw in some rainy weather and it’s unnecessarily dangerous.”

Fix It: Graffiti on Simmons Island bridge


Today’s problem: KH contacted Fix It about graffiti in the Harborside area on the 50th Street bridge that connects Harborside to Simmons Island.

KH wrote, “This is the worse it has been. This tagging up the stairs is fairly new. This area gets tagged all year long. The rocks along the harbor have graffiti too. (It’s) been there all summer. You can see it from the east side of the bridge. It is such an image problem for the area. I don’t think painting over it looks much better. I just don’t understand why the city won’t consider cameras.

Fix It: All about roundabouts


Today’s problem: Rita Hagen wrote, “It seems as though we get one or two new roundabouts each year, yet not a lot of education on how to use them. I have had cars stop dead in the middle of the roundabout, not sure what to do and had others come barreling into it without looking for cars already in it and yielding to them. A few weeks back, my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter were nearly hit by someone who came barreling into it without looking or yielding.”

Hagen wrote that the village of Pleasant Prairie had put information on roundabouts in its newsletter this month. Hagen said, “I thought it was great and wanted to share the information.” Some of that, courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, is listed below.

Fix It: Leaning utility pole on 26th Avenue


Today’s problem:

“I’m afraid of the damn thing,” said Henry J. Rice, Jr., in reference to the leaning wooden utility pole about fifteen feet from his driveway. “I don’t like the way it looks.” Rice said that after the recent snowfalls, “that’s when I noticed it was leaning and after this last rain it’s leaning more.”

Fix It: Dumping at Petrifying Springs Park


Today’s problem: Dumping at Petrifying Springs Park.

On a recent drive through the park, Fix It noticed that all seven of the large trash bins in the park were filled past overflowing with what looked household or business waste. Some of the bins have a warning sign stating that it’s violation of a county ordinance to dump and there is a potential fine or jail time as a consequence. Fix It can see where it might be hard to stop someone from doing this or catch them afterwards.

Fix It: Off-road driving on Simmons Island


Today’s problem: Off-road driving on Simmons Island Park, one of the jewels of the City of Kenosha’s lakefront park areas.

Fix It has noticed that over the past couple of years vehicles are leaving the roadway near the park entrance, at the beach and on the hill areas and tearing up the grass and sand. You know, like it’s their own personal muddin’ track. Lately, this has become a constant problem. On a recent drive on the island, Fix It saw several areas of damage.

Fix It: Union Pacific railroad crossing on 39th Avenue


Today’s problem: Everyone’s favorite railroad line in Kenosha has generated another problem and another set of complaints.

The Union Pacific rail line that cuts at a diagonal northeast to southwest across the central part of the City has a number of rough crossings. Four of these that are still in need of repair were written about in a Fix It round-up of problem crossings that was published in the Kenosha News on October 7, 2016.

Fix It: Kenosha Industrial Park sign


Today’s problem: MH wrote “(The) industrial park sign on west 52nd St. west of Hwy. 31 has not been looked at or painted since day one and looks awful. Can you please look at this?”

Observations: Fix It visited the location. The sign MH is referring to is at the older industrial park on Highway 158, not the newer industrial park west of Highway H.

Fix It: Northside Library book drop


Today’s problem: Ed Groelle wrote Fix It about the Northside Library’s drive-up book return.

“A few years ago, when the Northside Library was renovated, someone decided to play an apparent joke on library users. The (book) return drive-up box is located in the center of a concave arc, which makes returning books from one’s car an impossible task. Evidence of anyone having tried are the back left rear wheel tire marks on the concrete curb. Even if someone could get close enough it would require using the left arm to hold down the door and insert the books, which is a tricky maneuver in itself. Why can’t there be a push-in flap on the box?”

Fix It: Shovel out those fire hydrants


Today’s problem: Fix It covered a house fire on December 12 in the 7900 block of 21st Avenue.

With the arrival of winter and the recent snowstorms, it occurred to Fix It that it would be a good idea for people to check for fire hydrants in their neighborhoods and make an effort to see that they are shoveled out to keep access open for the Fire Deptartment.

Fix It: Lighting on Washington Road


Carol Leibhan wrote, “I believe a major contributing factor to the tragic death of the young man on Washington Road (on Monday, Nov. 7, 2016) was the poor lighting on that section of road. As you head east on Washington Road from Highway 31, you’ll find this section of road is very dark. Especially in the area of 55th Avenue, which is poorly marked, down to the (traffic signal) at 47th Avenue.

“Also, the traffic on this section of road has increased significantly in recent years with all the development in the area. In addition, the speed limit on this section of road remains at 45 mph. This is compared to the other major inlets into the city from Highway 31, (52nd St., 60th St., 75th St.) which are all well-lit roads with a lower speed limit. The city (or Somers) I’m not sure (who) controls this section of road, needs to both add lighting and possibly reduce the speed limit in this section of road.”

Fix It: Why so much waste dumping along Springbrook Road?


Today’s problem: Dumping of waste materials in the 7500 block of Springbrook Road in Pleasant Prairie.

This happens every so often on this section of roadway, which is just west of Highway 31 (Green Bay Road.) and east of Highway H (88th Avenue). This area has a few homes, a small cemetery and a sanitary sewer station. Further on is the Lakeview Corporate Park.

Fix It: Lack of signs on 100th Avenue


Today’s problem: Don Ogden called to complain about the lack of signage marking the intersection of 100th Avenue and 18th Street (Highway L) in the Town and Village of Somers.

Ogden said that there’s no marking of 18th Street when driving on 100th Avenue on approach to that intersection. Ogden says it’s not so much of a problem in the daytime, but at night you have to be prepared to turn and “It’s totally different.” Ogden says it’s difficult to see because there’s no signs for vehicles either northbound or southbound on 100th Avenue.

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