March 27, 2017
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Miranda Cantu


Parents: Jose and Maria Cantu, Pleasant Prairie

Favorite class: Advanced Marketing

Most influential teacher: Paul Schimelfenyg, English 11

“He always motivated me to be a better student and was very welcoming to me when I was new to Central.”

Most memorable high school moment: “New York trip for Advanced Marketing.”

Armani Carmickle


Parents: John and Marci Carmickle, Kenosha

Favorite class: Physiology

Most influential teacher: Jane Gross, health/gym

“Mrs.Gross always gave me the best advice and she helped me gain more confidence.”

Most memorable high school moment: “The most memorable high school moment would have to be the Bradford football game. It was such a close game. Two great teams went back and forth until the last seconds.”

Leah Tirabassi


Parents: Rocky Tirabassi and Becky Fuhr, Kenosha

Favorite class: Human Anatomy

Most influential teacher: Alan Skripsky, Algebra and AP Statistics

“I have had Mr. Skripsky for two years now and he continues to amaze me with his hard work and dedication toward his students. This is shown from the long hours he has stayed after school to help any student who is seeking help. His passion for teaching is incomparable. Mr. Skripsky wants each student to work beyond their limits.”

Most memorable high school moment: “The one moment I will never forget is winning prom queen. Being surrounded by my closest friends and family definitely added to the excitement.”

Baylee Chappell


Parents: John and Julie Chappell, Bristol

Favorite class: Sociology

Most influential teacher: Stefanie Younger, marketing and business

“Ms. Younger is a teacher who brings joy to a room with her constant enthusiasm and bubbly personality. She is someone who believed in me so strongly, that for the first time I actually had a bit of confidence to believe in myself. Her impact goes beyond the classroom and I can never truly express how grateful I am to have worked with a teacher who is so selfless and hard working!”

Most memorable high school moment: “Going to Orlando, Fla., for DECA Internationals in sophomore year.”

Ruben Castanuela III


Parents: Ruben Jr. and Marisa Castanuela, Kenosha

Favorite class: Choir

Most influential teacher: Nicolas Cicerale, acting

“He has helped me with so much. He is always there for every one of his students. Most of my high school memories come from his class.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Probably playing football on the late nights with my team.”

Erin Paschke


Parents: Robert and Janelle Paschke, Spring Grove, Ill.

Favorite class: AP Chemistry

Most influential teacher: Dan Schulz, chemistry and AP Chemistry

“Mr. Schulz brings so much energy and enthusiasm to the classroom. It would be impossible to not love chemistry with him teaching.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Helping with Night to Shine, which is a special needs prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. To be able to spend a night giving back to the community and having fun with some of the happiest people was truly life changing.”

Claire Czerwonka


Parents: Christian and Tracie Czerwonka, Kenosha

Favorite class: AP Calculus

Most influential teacher: Grace Kim, AP Calculus

“Mrs. Kim is very passionate about AP Calculus and is one of the best teachers at my high school. She knows the subject very well and always makes sure that her students understand as well. She has inspired me to pursue a career relating to calculus and has taught me to love the subject.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Winning the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Division 2 individual state singles tennis championship my sophomore, junior and senior years. I was the first athlete in St. Joseph Catholic Academy history to capture a WIAA state title and the fourth female athlete to win three individual state singles tennis titles.”

Miguel Garcia


Nickname: Angel

Parents: Celso Garcia and Rosa Gomez, Kenosha

Favorite class: Government and Politics

Most influential teacher: Steve Gorski, math

“He gave me a different outlook on society.”

Julie Magiera


Parents: James Magiera and Jeannie McLaughlin, Kenosha

Favorite class: Medical interventions

Most influential teacher: Julie Dalka, pre-calculus and AP calculus

“She’s just super fun to talk to and is one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever had. She makes math enjoyable!”

Most memorable high school moment: “I remember walking through the halls one day and I got this feeling that I really belonged there. I love LakeView.”

Andrea Wallent


Parents: Scotty and Christine Wallent, Kenosha

Favorite class: English

Most influential teacher: Lily Stasik, English

“Ms. Stasik is always positive and encouraging in her review of my class work, making me enjoy writing.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Being the first student to complete all my finals and receiving a gift card for doing so.”

Dionisse Molina


Parents: Leonardo Molina and Maria Aponte, Kenosha

Favorite class: Wind Ensemble

Most influential teacher: Ken Wiele, Wind Esemble

“Mr. Wiele has been not only a music teacher to me, but a mentor in life and has wanted nothing but the best for me. His compassion toward all his students motivates us all to realize and strive to our full potential.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Being accepted into the International Thespian Festival for our production of ‘West Side Story.’”

Jacquelyn Feldy


Nickname: Jackie

Parents: Scott and Christine Feldy, Pleasant Prairie

Favorite class: AP Psychology

Most influential teacher: John Gransee, chemistry

“I’ve always loved science, but Mr. Gransee really made me fall in love with chemistry in particular. The passion that he teaches with is incredible and very inspiring. He is the person who made me want to pursue a biochemistry degree.”

Lucas Hyllberg


Parents: Ken and Marcy Hyllberg, Kenosha

Favorite class: Honors American Law

Most influential teacher: Beth Feest, AP U.S. History

“Mrs. Feest taught me so many life lessons in relation to my school work. Her class and teaching taught me discipline, great study habits and a great amount of knowledge about our nation’s history.”

Most memorable high school moment: “In my sophomore year I got the opportunity to sing a featured solo at our Spring Choral Concert. The song was called “Tshotsholoza” by Jeffery Ames. This was especially memorable to me not due to the fact that the solo was an amazing experience, but that it was my first year in choir as well. It made me realize how much I love to sing and perform.”

Jesstys Volbrecht


Nickname: Jess

Parents: Brett and Christine Volbrecht, Randall

Favorite class: Math

Most influential teacher: Jonathan Kao, biology and forensic science

“Mr. Kao is a very engaging teacher and makes every class fun. The fact that he taught the class for the field of study I would like to go into really made it all the more interesting.”

Jenna Bonofiglio


Parents: Tony and Jodi Bonofiglio, Kenosha

Favorite class: Physics

Most influential teacher: Jean Whiteside, science, seventh grade

“Mrs. Whiteside had very high standards for me. She knew what I was capable of before I even did. She was always so encouraging through all different aspects of my life and I think that’s the reason I am the same to others. Even though it was only middle school, she pushed me to do the best I could and never settle. She also taught me about how if you are enjoying your life, that is all that matters and it doesn’t matter how you are doing it.”

Most memorable high school moment: “During my sophomore year when my softball team won our sectional final game against Oak Creek at home, taking us on to the state tournament (2015).”

Today’s Teen 2017 launches Sunday

It’s that time of the year again.

Starting Sunday, the Kenosha News will once again be sharing the exploits of some of the top high school students in the county with the Today’s Teen feature.

This is the 41st year of Today’s Teen.

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