January 22, 2017
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Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Golden Globe Awards tonight on NBC. ( NBC Photo )

Snyder: All hail the Golden Globes! Let’s hope first-time host Jimmy Fallon can give the awards show some luster


I have been asking you — actually, begging and cajoling, to no avail — not to watch the Golden Globe Awards for more than a decade.


The Golden Globes is a boring, muddled mess of a show.

Seize the day? Maybe tomorrow ...


Welcome to 2017.

We’ve got 365 days to focus on self-improvement, striving for what Oprah calls living our better life. Which is a whole lot easier if you’re Oprah and you’re sitting around on bean-bag chairs stuffed with $100 bills. Ah, but bitterness was the 2016 us, not the 2017 model.

Seize the day? Maybe tomorrow ...


Welcome to 2017.

We’ve got 365 days to focus on self-improvement, striving for what Oprah calls living our better life. Which is a whole lot easier if you’re Oprah and you’re sitting around on bean-bag chairs stuffed with $100 bills. Ah, but bitterness was the 2016 us, not the 2017 model.

Snyder: New Year’s Eve


Well, somebody planned well this year.

New Year’s Eve — arguably the most festive night of the year — is actually on a Saturday night.

Snyder: 8 (days) is enough (time) to get your holiday on!


Eight days.

That’s what’s left until Christmas.

Snyder: It’s a wonderful Holiday Movie Contest!


OK, smarty.

Perhaps you know that Tom Arnold is a bonafide holiday movie star.

Snyder: Things to be thankful for


Today, for the first time in recent memory, Americans are not spending Thanksgiving complaining that stores are open during this sacred family holiday. (Which is hilarious because those complainers are the same people who use an emergency cranberry sauce run as an excuse to get away from their in-laws for an hour.)

Instead of arguing whether or not Target should be opening its doors today (at 6 p.m.), families will likely spend much of the day glued to the television watching the NFL.

Snyder: Gobble, gobble, toil and trouble!


With Thanksgiving coming up fast and furious, it’s time to recognize “turkeys” of another sort. We’re thankful for all our blessings through the year, but perhaps we are most thankful to celebrities whose bad behavior so entertains us through these cold winters.

Breaking up is hard to do (sci-fi division): “Star Wars” creator George Lucas started off the year by lamenting to Charlie Rose that splitting from the film franchise is akin to breaking up with a romantic partner. And then it got really silly. Lucas implied that he had sold those kids to “white slavers.” Oh, please. We’re still waiting for Lucas to apologize for Jar Jar Binks.

Snyder: Wanting to stay stylish?


This past week has not been an easy one.

Our country went through an election in which the voters were split almost exactly down the middle, and the candidate who won the most votes lost the race because of the Electoral College. Not exactly a recipe for comfort and joy.

Hollywood, Wisconsin-style: Former Kenoshans making a name for themselves in film


When you sit down to talk with Chad Halvorsen and David Geisler, it’s best to settle in for a while because these two love to talk about the creative process of filmmaking.

Lucky for us, the former Kenoshans, who live and work in the Milwaukee area, are great conversationalists.

Snyder: Indian Trail heading to state convention


A group of students will be absent Thursday from Indian Trail High School — but they’ve got a good excuse.

The band’s Wind Ensemble — directed by Ken Wiele — will be performing in Madison at the Wisconsin State Music Conference.

Snyder: Saddle up for the Big Read!


The Big Read has gone spooky (with Edgar Allan Poe tales in 2013) and classic (focusing on “To Kill a Mockingbird” in 2015).

But, this year, the community project is showing some true grit.

Snyder: Buses get programs rolling at the Boys & Girls Club


“Get me a bus.”

That was one of the first things Jake McGhee, the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha’s CEO, was told when he started his job in the spring.

Snyder: Sharing the Emmy love ... with Jimmy, Al and Trae


Jimmy Kimmel did a good job hosting the Emmy Awards last Sunday night — but it didn’t really matter.

Up against tough competition — the Green Bay Packers/Minnesota Vikings game on NBC and part one of the CBS JonBenet Ramsey murder mystery investigation — the Emmys didn’t really stand a chance. Thank goodness AMC wasn’t airing a fresh “Walking Dead”! (And, can there really be a “fresh” episode of a show populated with rotting zombies?)

Snyder: ‘Fates and Traitors’ author visiting Kenosha


As a writer of historical novels, Jennifer Chiaverini is no stranger to despicable characters.

Her latest book — “Fates and Traitors” — focuses on one of history’s most infamous villains. The subtitle is “A Novel of John Wilkes Booth,” and, yes, the action concerns President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin.

Predictions: A new Emmy kingdom?


We’re baacckkk! Liz “Still Never Seen ‘Game of Thrones’ ” Snyder and Dave “Christian Slater is My Dead Dad” Walter will now boldly predict the Emmy Awards.

Liz: Before I get to my picks, let me say that television “experts” are correct: There’s just too much good TV.

Editorial cartoonist navigates the online world


Ann Telnaes — a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post editorial cartoonist — is one of the speakers at this week’s Kenosha Festival of Cartooning.

Before she gets here (her free presentation is 3:30 p.m. Saturday at the Kenosha Public Museum), we asked the Washington, D.C.-based cartoonist a few questions:

Snyder: Cartoonist looking forward to Kenosha festival


In my other life — the imaginary one where I hobnob with the rich and famous while summering in the south of France — I am a brilliant editorial cartoonist, able to capture complex issues in a single panel with devastating wit.

That’s the fantasy anyway, so you can imagine my excitement when talking to a real, actual editorial cartoonist.

Snyder: Don’t wait! Enter our Emmy Contest! Everyone needs a Big Box of TV Fun!

I understand if you’ve been busy and just haven’t found the time to enter our Kenosha News Emmy Contest.

September is a busy time — the kids are getting used to new school routines, you’re digging out winter jackets and wondering where your boots are, plus the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears both play at noon today, kicking off the NFL season.

Snyder: Travelogues, take me away!


Let’s stipulate right upfront that it’s difficult to look great at age 80.

Unless you’re the Kenosha Public Museum’s travelogue film series ... or blessed with great bone structure and a Botox supplier, but for our purposes today, let’s stick with the travelogues.

Snyder: Take home a Big Box of TV Fun!


We know September is just starting — bringing with it a new school year and reminders to get your Christmas shopping done — but it’s also time to start thinking about the fall TV season. (Yes, there is still such a thing as a Fall TV Season even in this brave new world of time-shifted television viewing.)

Which means it’s also time for the Emmy Awards — which are Sept. 18 this year.

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