March 27, 2017
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Paying more for the magicBy Hugo Martin

For the last seven years or so, Joseph Armendariz of West Covina, Calif., has watched the price of his annual Disneyland pass creep higher, prompting him to wonder when the cost finally would be out of reach.

Armendariz, who works at a community college administration office, paid $619 for his annual pass, which lets him into the park on all but 50 days of the year. If the charge continues to rise, he said he may be forced to get a cheaper $469 annual pass that blocks him for about 140 days.

Parenthood can boost your longevity, if you don’t die from the stress firstBy Ana Veciana-Suarez

Want to live longer? Have children. If you don’t die early from child-rearing stress, parenthood will boost your longevity chances, according to a new study out of Sweden.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute used national registry data to track 1.5 million Swedes born between 1911 and 1925 as they lived through their last years. While the risk of death naturally increased with age for all adults, the team found that those with children had greater longevity.

Anything goes when pairing potatoes and herbsBy Arthi Subramaniam

Potatoes never go out of style, nor do herbs. So when they are combined, you get au courant yet down-to-earth balancing flavors.

Whether the potatoes are baked, roasted, stuffed, fried, boiled and buttered, mashed or smashed, herbs are fantastic team players, and they don’t even have to be fresh and verdant. Dried thyme, rosemary and oregano can be roasted with new white potatoes and dried dill or parsley work just fine in casseroles.

Wooden windows worth fixingKenosha News Staff and Lakeshore News Service

Owners of historic homes often believe that replacement is the only option for their wooden windows. Yet a restored window is more efficient than a replacement window and can be restored for less money, according to Wood Window Makeover founder Steve Quillian.

To teach local residents about the process of restoring wooden windows, he is holding a one-day workshop Saturday, April 8, at the Kemper Center. The workshop, which costs $70, is sponsored by Abatron, a Kenosha-based manufacturer of products used in historic preservation. Anyone interested needs to register.

Life headlines

Photo therapy: Program helps Seattle’s homeless ‘carve out a creative space’By Alan Berner

SEATTLE — Sometimes nobody shows up. Sometimes five do.

All are homeless, but on this day they’re also photo students hitting the streets in a program to bring “healing through creativity.”

Ministry is in his DNA BY KAREN MAHONEY

The Rev. Peter Prange has a family heritage of ministry.

He grew up in a parsonage in Janesville, where his father was a Lutheran pastor. Both his grandfathers and great-grandfathers were also Lutheran pastors. And even though his father didn’t pressure him to follow in his father’s or grandfather’s footsteps, Prange ended up pursuing a career in ministry.

Celebrate the Irish this St. Patrick’s DayBy Dana Purucker

Each March we take up the pleasures of the Emerald Isle as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the cultural celebration of all things Irish. Ireland has much to offer the world and you can find some of it at your Kenosha Public Library.

Born in Dublin, Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wilde was a keen observer of society. This informed all of his writing, particularly his plays. “An Ideal Husband” and “The Importance of Being Earnest” are two of his finest comedic social satires.



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