Dan Shatkins




Dan Shatkins




4401 19th Ave.


owner, Lawn Kare Plus

Elected experience:


What is the most pressing city issue that warrants council attention?

Well the obvious is the budget, and because of the harsh winter of 2013-14, roads will be the hot topic. In the long term the budget needs to be more realistic and balanced. Example: being more frugal in certain spending ares and less spend-full in others, for example the trolley car.

Assess the state of city services. Does anything need improving, and how can that come about?

I believe the state of city services is adequate for a city the size of Kenosha and the budget they have to work with. Unfortunately, in life, you cannot get much done if there are forces working against each other!

Why are you the most qualified candidate for this office?

I feel I am most qualified to be District 6 alderman because I am great at multitasking. I have lived in the district since 1995, and I have many wonderful contacts in the district and city of Kenosha.

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