Joel D. Peterson




Joel D. Peterson




8315 10th Place


(Retired) Milwaukee Police Department detective.

Elected experience:


Why do you want this position?

I will bring fiscal responsibility to the Somers Town Board. Our taxes have risen at a rate far exceeding inflation. The town has made expenditures that range from highly questionable to ridiculous. While campaigning, I have spoken to many residents who feel they will be forced to sell their property due to excessive taxes. I pledge to the residents of this town to spend their money as if it were my own.

How are you qualified to serve on the Town Board?

I’ve spent 33 years in law enforcement, retiring as a detective. I next worked for Wern Valley for 7½ years managing McMiller Sports Center. My wife, Bonnie, and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and raised two daughters. I serve on the board of the Kenosha Kennel Club. I believe my life’s experiences in management and deep commitment to my friends and neighbors in this community make me eminently qualified for this position.

What are your thoughts on village incorporation?

I don’t think that it will be possible to protect our borders and assets without incorporation. We should explore all possibilities that strengthen our town and improve the lives of the residents of Somers. If the town of Somers were to incorporate, such a change should only be done because members of our town are better off because of the incorporation.

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