Mike Falkofske



Mike Falkofske




7325 26th Ave., Kenosha


municipal government consultant


bachelor’s degree in geography, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Elected experience:


1) What makes you a strong candidate for the Kenosha Unified School Board?

My 14 years of experience as consultant for municipal governments has honed my analytical skills, which gives me the ability to break down complex situations into smaller pieces and isolate the issues. My job requires me to get different groups of people to cooperate and then use that collaboration to increase efficiency. Being a parent with two children in the district makes me passionate about creating a district where all students achieve their maximum potential.

2) What qualities would you most like to see in the next Unified superintendent?

Kenosha Unified School District is the third-largest school district in Wisconsin and is not the place for someone to learn the role of superintendent. KUSD needs someone with previous experience as a superintendent. Collaboration and communication skills, especially when working with the School Board, will be key requirements for the next superintendent. I hope the next superintendent will respect the diversity of opinions in the district and work to restore the trust that was recently lost.

3) If you could make one change in the school district, what would it be and why?

We need to change the culture of animosity that exists between KUSD administration and the School Board and between administration and the teachers. My work experience has taught me that true collaboration only occurs after people lower their barriers to change. This is only accomplished when people feel listened to and stop feeling threatened. As a School Board member, I will listen to everyone’s opinion and create solutions that utilize input from all stakeholders.

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