Richard H. Heinisch




Richard H. Heinisch




406 38th Ave.


Kenosha County golf course assistant superintendent.

Elected experience:

president, Kenosha County Employees, AFSCME Local 1090.

Why do you want this position?

Having been a lifelong Kenosha County resident, and specifically a town of Somers resident for the last 25 years, I have come to understand the diverse needs of the people in our community. Presently, we are facing something that affects us all: a 14 percent property tax increase. This increase is necessary to cover expenditures incurred over past years.

I want to be part of developing sound and responsible policies and budgets, which will enable us to avoid this issue in the future, while still meeting the needs of town residents.

How are you qualified to serve on the Town Board?

I have witnessed the successes and the failures of past policies. I have learned from these experiences. Recent tax increases are a result of past indiscretions — the bills are now coming due. The important issue now is to avoid future indiscretions. I have experience in budgeting, purchasing, bidding procedures and other fiscal matters in a government environment and can bring that experience to our Town Board to help avoid future problems, while still delivering the services our citizens deserve.

What are your thoughts on village incorporation?

Incorporation to village status is an important issue for several reasons. Somers already has agreements with the city of Kenosha. Whether these deals are good or not is up for debate, but they are “done deals.” We still need to protect our borders from Mount Pleasant (in Racine County) and the town of Paris. Incorporation would also allow us greater opportunity for economic development by creating TIF districts to attract more business, manufacturing and retail development. We have lost past developments due to annexation from surrounding communities. Time to stop it from happening again.

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