Robert Nuzzo




Robert Nuzzo




4912 Washington Road, Somers


president and manager of Southport Heating and Cooling


bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, University of Maryland

Elected experience:

incumbent Kenosha Unified School Board, 2011 to present

1) What makes you a strong candidate for the Kenosha Unified School Board?

Comprehensive board and management experience with the knowledge that the board governs and management manages, and the discipline to separate the two.

2) What qualities would you most like to see in the next Unified superintendent?

No superintendent can be successful with the existing board. We will be condemned to always being an average, or at best, a good school system, if it continues. In order to move to an excellent school district, we must first have the board do governance, so the new superintendent can manage. Assuming this, the new superintendent should be: 1. A team builder, recognizing who is in administration is imperative 2. Humble and have unwavering faith and commitment that KUSD will move to excellence. 3. Know that KUSD’s only business is the education of our children. 4. Committed to changing the culture of KUSD from “Who you know” to “What you are doing to move KUSD to an excellent system.” 5. A strict disciplinarian. For without it, teaching stops.

3) If you could make one change in the school district, what would it be and why?

Since it is both documented and common sense that the best school systems have the best teachers, we need to provide an environment that will attract only the best and most committed teachers to KUSD. This will take years and the full commitment of everyone involved.

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