October 27, 2016
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Community headlines

Property crime drops in county 
Fix It: More Union Pacific crossings  
STEVE LUND: A good addition to county park network 
Homeroom: Leading Ladies mentor Little Ladies at Bain 
JESSICA DEBOER: 200 miles in 32 hours with two vans, 11 friends 
STEVE LUND: What the pollster sees 
BETH ADELSEN DJUPLIN: It costs more if you wait 
STEVE LUND: Ryan’s choice, again 
TOWN SQUARE: Candidates need to take a stand on Social Security 
Beginning with the end 
MY TURN: Square pegs, round holes 
TOWN SQUARE: Today’s manufacturing presents new opportunities 
Homeroom: Randall students learn from nature during three-day outing 
MY TURN: Summer memories 
MY TURN: Nuclear power shouldn’t be neglected 
Homeroom: Riverview students get the immigration experience 
MATT ROTHSCHILD: Ethics Commission decision allows easy path to bribery 
STEVE LUND: Leveling democracy’s playing field